Aces Icehouse is Santa Clara's newest neighborhood bar/grill and gathering place!  Aces was inspired by the great, old icehouses in the southern United States and is a comfortable place in the heart of Silicon Valley to eat, drink and play. 

Grab a cocktail from the brand new, fully stocked bar or choose from one of the twelve craft and domestic beers on tap. 


Our new food trailer features All-American favorites including Pruneridge's famous smoked Tri-Tip sandwich, burgers, sandwiches and appetizers.

Enjoy one of our five big screen TV's or gather around the firepit on the adjoining patio in the evenings.

Football fans:  Each Sunday, Aces features every matchup through NFL Sunday Ticket.  Arrive early, cheer for your favorite team and bring home the victory!

About Icehouses:
Icehouses are popular indoor/outdoor hospitality establishments in the southern United States.  Often called "beer patios" they are typically very casual establishments in old buildings, former filling stations or warehouses.  Usually, they have big rollup doors for patrons to meander in and out.  On some days icehouses will have BBQ and/or smoked grilled foods.  Folks sit on picnic tables or around firepits to enjoy the fresh air, pleasant weather and each other's company.

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